Acting as trustee for the client, Thomas von Thaden Architects offers “one-stop services” for the economic and technical optimisation of development projects. Comprehensive monitoring, coordination, organisation, and information ensures optimal cost and time predictability.
These control and coordination tasks includes drafting and maintaining contracts, liability and insurance issues, remuneration questions, and the conduct of negotiations.
Only a holistic view of needs, programmes and budgets enables the best approach for satisfying requirements to be developed.


Effective utilisation of floor space, improvement of building quality through space organisation, technical functions, communication, and appearance, the reduction of operating costs and strategies for maintaining the value of building stock are all components in an integrated planning approach.


If costs in large projects are to be minimised, cost planning, coordination, cost control, the search for economic alternatives, and cost documentation are essential.
Scheduling plays a crucial role in attaining cost targets. Keeping to the deadlines set decides whether a project remains within the planned cost framework; scheduling and compliance with deadlines are prerequisite to successful property investment.