Over and above their economic aspects, planning and building are of fundamental social, ecological, and cultural significance.
The compact European city, an historically aware, environmentally sound, many-facetted settlement model offering publicly accessible spaces is a cultural achievement that deserves to be safeguarded and sustainably developed.
Quality in urban planning and architecture is both a locational factor and an element contributing to the development of European identity.


Thomas von Thaden Architects Berlin, founded in 1998 by Thomas von Thaden, is a young architectural firm specialising in conceptional design.
In the best tradition of the Enlightenment and the modern age, a highly qualified design team seeks context-specific solutions to urban planning and architectural problems.
Building on the invaluable history of European architecture and with a watchful eye to future developments, we firmly embed current projects in their spatial and temporal context.
The client has a vital role to play in fostering building culture, the close interaction between cultural engagement and prosperity.